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  • There are a range of circumstances in which you may find yourself needing to hire a juvenile dependency attorney in Orange County. At Maltaise Cini Law, we assist parents, with juvenile dependency proceedings.  

    Juvenile dependency cases in California involve abandoned, neglected or abused children. California Welfare and Institutions Code Section 300 lists the range of charges that can be brought against a guardian or parent in a dependency case. 

    Section 300 indicates that when a minor is abused, neglected or abandoned by a guardian or parent, the court can take steps to make the minor a “dependent” of the court. The result is that the court has the authority to make decisions on family rights, reunification, child placement, foster care, adoption, etc.

    To avoid this circumstance, it’s essential to work with an Orange County juvenile dependency attorney as soon as you face juvenile dependency proceedings.

    During this type of proceeding, a parent may require legal representation when facing charges of a failure to provide adequate care and supervision, non-accidental physical harm, abandonment, sexual abuse or emotional damage.   

    #1 – Juvenile Dependency Law in Orange County is Complex

    One primary reason to hire an Orange County juvenile dependency lawyer is that the law can be very complex and specialized. Many cases involve the intervention of Child Protective Services (CPSA) who may have issued warnings or even taken custody of the child/children from the home.

    CPS can do this in cases of child abuse, if the basic needs of the child such as food, clothing and shelter are not being met, if there is no parent or guardian or if there is no person willing or capable of exercising care of the child.

    #2 – Every moment counts if it is your family

    If you are facing charges of child neglect or abuse or if you are dealing with Child Protective Services, you need expert legal representation. You must immediately begin working towards a solution that will prevent your children from being permanently removed from your home and placed into foster care.  

    Without the proper strategy and a skilled juvenile dependency attorney in Orange County at your side, you run the risk of losing custody of your children or neglecting to present as strong of a case as possible for your parental rights.    

    #3 – You can alleviate the stress of dealing with the situation on your own

    Most Orange County juvenile dependency cases are incredibly frustrating for parents and their family. The thought of losing custody of their children can be overwhelming along with all of the legal hurdles that parents must go through during these types of cases.

    When dealing with a juvenile dependency case, be sure to hire an expert attorney with specific experience in this legal area. 

    Expertise matters to ensure the highest chance of maintaining custody of your children. If you are facing a current case or may be facing one in the near future, call Maltaise Cini, a highly experienced juvenile dependency attorney in Orange County at (949)-660-1389.