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  • It isn’t an obvious connection – but the expansion of availability of the COVID vaccine could potentially lower rates of domestic violence in Orange County and other areas.

    As prior studies have shown, domestic violence rates rose in Orange County and many other areas prior to the lockdown.

    The additional stresses of the lockdown, financial stressors, and intimate partners being in close proximity more frequently are some of the attributable causes.

    Close Proximity Can Lead to Violence

    Researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing have determined that spousal abuse has risen during the COVID-19 pandemic – particularly the domestic murder-suicide rate.

    Jackie Campbell at the university mentioned that if “domestic abuse is already a problem in a relationship, the coronavirus pandemic may be making it worse. Abusive individuals may see the pandemic as an opportunity to gain more control over their partner.

    PTSD is a Risk Factor

    Another risk factor cited by Campbell is PTSD. Those who are living with PTSD increases the potential risk of being both an abuser or victim of domestic violence.

    Those who witnessed abuse, for example, may have PTSD and may be more prone to violence. The circumstances in which many families find themselves in may result in PTSD-affected individuals lashing out at others more frequently.

    Campbell mentioned that distressing events can be a trigger and make a PTSD sufferer feel as if they are under physical attack which can result in aggression.

    Will Domestic Violence in Orange County Decrease?

    President Biden has issued the ambitious goal of providing 100 million COVID vaccinations in just 100 days.

    As a result of this expansion of the vaccine and many other precautions that have already been taken by the state of California and other states, stay at home orders and other restrictions may eventually be lifted, but this is expected to take many months.

    On top of this, after more than two months of a deadly COVID surge which killed 4,000 residents since New Year’s Day, L.A. County cases have finally begun to decline. New cases decreased the week of January 17th, 2021 by 30 percent.

    Despite this fact, it is not clear whether the rate of domestic violence in Orange County will decline afterwards or not. Campbell mentions that there are still an increase in stressors despite stay at home orders lifting in other parts of the country such as children remaining at home, families feeling crowded, and the lack of recreation opportunities.

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