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  • Being charged with Domestic Violence can be an intimidating and frightening experience. Under the current domestic violence laws in California, an individual who finds themselves charged with Domestic Violence will be taken into custody and required to post bail.

    It is essential that you start building a defense to your case immediately. Domestic violence charges are serious. The police will ask your partner if the want an Emergency Protective Order (E.P.O) to be issued. The E.P.O is valid for five days. The terms could require that you stay away from your partner and your residence. An E.P.O may be issued against the wishes of the victim.

    Even if an Emergency Protective Order was not issued the District Attorney can and usually will request that the Court issue a protective order. This order can keep you out of your residence and prohibit all communication with your partner.

    If you have suffered any injuries you should take photos of your injuries. Sometimes the police will photograph your injuries, however you must preserve the evidence. If your injuries require medical attention go to a doctor. The importance of this is that your injuries will be documented by a medical provider.

    Either you or your family should immediately retain an attorney. As an Orange County Domestic Violence Attorney I will immediately commence working directly with you in developing a case plan and strategy in advance of your arraignment. This is essential as most Domestic Violence cases are arraigned within 72 hours of the arrest. Communication between your Domestic Violence Attorney and the District Attorney in advance of the arraignment is the first step for a successful defense.

    Let your Domestic Violence Attorney be your spokesperson with the District Attorney’s Office. While it may be tempting to contact their office directly or provide them with a letter allow your attorney to determine whether or not any statements should be provided to the District Attorney.

    You can assist your attorney by providing them with the names and numbers of all witnesses.

    As each incident is unique, Domestic Violence Attorney Maltaise Cini will work with you directly to determine how to best protect your interests. Domestic Violence charges can have serious implications. You need to take the first step in minimizing the consequences. Contact Orange County Attorney Maltaise Cini at 949-660-1389.